Rainbow Trust develops innovative online toolkit for supporters and staff

Rainbow Trust has developed an innovative Online Toolkit for supporters and staff to easily create their own bespoke, on-brand, promotional materials.

The toolkit has been designed to provide a simple user experience through a set of editable templates which can be tailored to suit the user’s needs. It has been built completely from scratch to allow absolute flexibility, with each template offering an easy step by step guide. Templates available for external users include posters for fundraising events and campaigns.

Each user will be able to select a theme, add an image from a pre-existing list and insert details about their fundraiser. Once completed, the user has the option to print in-house or get a quote for it to be printed professionally. The toolkit allows Rainbow Trust to promote a consistent visual identity and brand throughout all events and fundraisers.

“Our new online toolkit will allow users to create and edit their own materials with ease, whenever they need them, in minutes. It’s really important that our brand is used consistently to build awareness and to strengthen Rainbow Trust’s image in people’s minds. Building a strong brand leads to increased awareness and ultimately allows us to help more families.”

Kate O’Neill, Digital Marketing Manager at Rainbow Trust

The toolkit is a living, evolving platform and each year, Rainbow Trust will offer new templates, images and development to ensure it remains current, fresh and meets the needs of both its supporters and staff.

To sign up visit rainbow.brandmeadow.com and register for an account (please note: this may take up to 24 hours to be actioned).