Mums caring for a sick child - Not Alone

Today Rainbow Trust launches a new animation in time for Mother’s Day, Mums caring for a sick child - Not Alone. It highlights the issues of loneliness and isolation that some mothers face when caring for a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. As parents struggle to cope with the possibility that their child might die, mums tell us how hard it for them when friends and doctors pull away upon diagnosis. That loneliness and isolation is just one of the many struggles they live with while caring for their sick child.

“Mums feeling isolated and lonely is, unfortunately, very common for those caring for a seriously ill child. Their support network of family and friends care deeply but may not always understand just how difficult it is. It’s every parent’s nightmare which many don’t want to think about. We want mum’s to know that they are not alone. We understand and we are there for them.”

says Senior Communications Executive, Julie Hynes.

In fact, we were working with one of the mums we support, Emma, when the idea for the animation came about. We approached Emma to narrate the animation and to help show other mothers that they are not alone. While Emma is fortunate to have the support of her husband, Dean, and their respective families, she understands just how real the feeling of isolation can be. You can read more about Emma, her family, and the support she receives from Rainbow Trust here.

We know that having a child with a life threatening or terminal illness has a huge impact on the whole family. We support parents, the sick child, brothers and sisters, grandparents and any other family members in need. “Janet, our Family Support Worker, is here for Adam as much as she is for Freya, and he needs that. Since Freya was born, he has seen more than any seven year old should but having Janet means he has a chance to have some fun and be a child again while I am caring for Freya.”


Help us raise awareness so we can support more mums like Emma by sharing our animation, Mums caring for a sick child – Not Alone, with your friends and family this Mother’s Day.

To read more about Emma, her family, and how Rainbow Trust helps, click here.