Meet Elodie, Corporate Intern

Meet Elodie, Corporate Intern

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 20 August 2019 by Digital Team

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a corporate intern, so I work with the corporate team. I do a lot of research for future clients that we might potentially partner with and could fundraise for us.

How did you hear about Rainbow Trust?

I heard about Rainbow Trust through a woman I babysit for as she used to be a sports and events manager at the charity.

Can you describe a typical working day in the office?

I usually get in, get myself a cup of tea. Sit down, I’ll see what work my manager has for me, and then crack on with it. It’s usually research and also a lot of laminating too.

What’s been the most enjoyable experience for you?

A couple of weeks ago I helped out with the cheer point for Ride London. It felt good to see the smiles on the faces of the people as we cheered for them.

What do you most like about working for Rainbow Trust?

The people, the working environment, it’s very relaxed and friendly, everyone is really lovely and if you need any help with anything you can ask anyone and they’re always happy to help. So, it’s a really nice working environment.

“It’s a great charity to work for because you can see the difference it’s makes.”

What would you say to someone else who might be thinking of interning at Rainbow Trust?

Apply! It’s such a good experience to have and you do get taught so many things that are beneficial for when you get out into the working world.

What do you think you will take with into the next part of your journey?

Good skills to have around the office. I had some experience in that before, but I’ve learned a lot here. I’ve learnt good people skills and I’ll take that with me in to the next chapter of my life.

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