How to survive The Nuts Challenge

How to survive The Nuts Challenge

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Date published: 04 August 2017 by Anna Jackson

This gritty, exhilarating and often very muddy adventure race is well known for its challenging obstacles. But how do you make sure you get to the finish line? We asked some experienced ‘nutters’ for their top tips for anyone taking on this ultimate assault course.

  1. Don’t wear your favourite trainers - while most trainers can survive a washing machine, wearing your brand new white Nikes isn’t recommended. They will get muddy. Very muddy. It’s also important you tie your shoes on tightly as you may, quite literally, get stuck in the mud!
  2. Take warm clothing - without giving too much away, you’re likely to face a water obstacle challenge, which means when you finish you’re going to be wet and get cold pretty quickly. Make use of the changing area so that your dry clothes and towel are easily accessible. If you have them to hand, finger less gloves are also a plus, they keep your hands warm but won’t hold you back.
  3. Bring bin bags – in case you haven’t already figured it out, it’s going to get messy. Make sure you have a bin bag or two for your dirty clothes and trainers once the race is over.
  4. Be prepared – The Nuts Challenge has around 100 obstacles and while anyone can take part, be prepared for a challenge – be ready for lots of crawling on your hands and knees and climbing! If you’d like to get a taste of what to expect, check out The Nuts Challenge training days with ex-military personnel here.
  5. Don’t forget about parking – The Nuts Challenge website says to allow £5 for parking, but be sure to bring a little extra in case you fancy a well-deserved tea or coffee when you’re finished.
  6. Work as a team – there’s nothing like a little team spirit to help get you round a 7k assault course. For most people taking part, you’ll likely be with people you know and can lend a helping hand when faced with difficult obstacles, but don’t be afraid to make friends as you go. Don’t worry if you can’t complete one, you can walk around it and tackle the next challenge that lies in wait - we won’t judge!

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