Five questions with Clean Hands Company

Five questions with Clean Hands Company

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 02 November 2020 by Amber Hemming

Clean Hands Company will be launching their soap kit for children very soon, and £1 from every purchase will go to us.

The kit aims to educate, inform and be creative for children whilst teaching them the importance of washing their hands at an early age.

The contents include 250g of vegan and sulphate free soap to make up to 16 animals, including Leo the Lion, Hannah the Hippo and Bertie the Bear.

We spoke to Clean Hands Company about the upcoming launch of their product and their motivation behind choosing to support Rainbow Trust.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start Clean Hands Company?

What inspired me to start Clean Hands Company was a mixture. My dad works for the NHS so I saw first hand how hard it was, and I thought to myself what could I do to help and brainstormed this company.

Could you describe the soap kit and how it will support Rainbow Trust?

In the soap kit I have created, you get 250g of SLS/SLES melt and pour soap, eight silicone animal molds and colour dyes to make them different colours. This soap kit will help Rainbow Trust by donating £1 of every sale to the charity, helping seriously ill children and their families.

    Why did you choose to support Rainbow Trust?

    I chose Rainbow Trust charity for two reasons. Rainbow Trust has an Essex based care team, which is where I come from so it is close to home. The other reason, the most important one, is the work they do to help seriously ill children and their families to enjoy life. This is why I have chosen them because I have created a soap kit to bring enjoyment, creativity and learning to children.

    What would you say to other businesses or organisations thinking about supporting a charity through their products or work?

    I would say to other companies/businesses if you have a chance to support a charity, give it a go, not only do you help other people, you get to meet such lovely people and build friendships for a lifetime.

    Finally, which animal from the Soap Kit is your favourite - Bertie, Hannah or Leo?

    Tough one, I think my favourite soap is Leo the Lion, solid soap and character.

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