Children’s literature just got a whole lot more personal!

Children’s literature just got a whole lot more personal!

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Children’s literature just got a whole lot more personal! image

Date published: 03 December 2015 by Anna Jackson

Ever wondered why it was Alice that was transported to Wonderland or why Charlie was able to visit the Chocolate Factory? For those asking these questions and wondering just how you become idolised as the central character of a story, there is a new book hitting the digital shelves just in time for Christmas - and it might just solve the puzzle.

You and the Watabus, is the first in a new series of personalised children’s books, published by WatAdventure. Drawing inspiration from Mr Benn and his travels, You and the Watabus – the first instalment of the Watadventure series – takes the central character, a personalised childlike avatar, on a trip straight from the bedroom to a whole new continent, visiting the famous sites, wildlife and cultural symbols of India.

With the ability to personalise everything from the name, sex, features and ethnicity of a child, You and the Watabus, also allows you to create an avatar that bears both a physical resemblance and also dresses in the style of your chosen child. Spectacles? Freckles? Bobbed hair? Green shorts? Blue T-Shirt? No problem, the whole lot can be personalised.

In partnership with Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity £1 for every book sold will be donated to Rainbow Trust which provides emotional and practical support to families with a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. With a network of care teams across England, each Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker will be presented with a personalised Watabus book to enjoy with the children they support. Available exclusively online here.

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