Celebrating George Michael's 60th Birthday

Celebrating George Michael's 60th Birthday

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Celebrating George Michael's 60th Birthday image

Date published: 12 June 2023 by Katie Inglis

June 25th, 2023, marks what would have been George Michael's 60th Birthday. In honour of his memory, we want to share how he kindly supported Rainbow Trust throughout his career.

George Michael was introduced to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity by the late Pat Foxton, wife of The Jam’s singer, Bruce. Pat used to work with George and when she started working for Rainbow Trust, she talked to him about our work and the importance of the support we give to life-threatened or seriously ill children and their families.

When George went on to meet Bernadette Cleary, our founder, they warmed. They had long chats about issues affecting society in the UK at the time and Bernadette remembers clearly that George was amazed at how and why she set up the charity. He was a philanthropist and was really impressed that a person would selflessly dedicate all of her time to looking after seriously ill children and their families. He admired how Bernadette, after realising the great need for support, decided to set up the charity to make the movement bigger, to be able to reach more seriously ill children and their families.

George’s active involvement with Rainbow Trust manifested in different ways. He donated the royalties from his duet with Elton John Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, a number one in the charts released in 1991, and gave us the gold record he received from it. George also attended events such as our Charity Ball at The Dorchester in 1998 and the launch of our 2007 appeal. His support was invaluable, and we will be forever grateful.

As a Patron, George understood the need for our work:

“Although I have suffered the sad loss of two people I dearly loved I can only imagine the immense loss of a child, and the value of an organisation which can help those left behind to come to terms with their loss cannot be measured. I am truly proud to be a patron and Rainbow Trust can count on my continued support.”

Due to George’s connection with Rainbow Trust different fans and fan groups have supported the charity over the years, especially since his death on Christmas Day 2016, donating in his memory. We are very grateful to all the groups and individuals that have trekked, run, climbed and organised fundraising events to raise money in his memory and to all the supporters that continue to do so. Thank you.

George said in 2007:

“I am proud to be a Patron of Rainbow Trust. They have cared for hundreds of families over the years many of whom are in desperate situations with a very sick child. It is impossible to imagine the grief and stress of being told that your child may die. Rainbow Trust helps to keep families together at times of crisis, caring for brothers and sisters, and offers the family their Family Support Workers at times of sadness and enormous strain. Rainbow Trust deserves our full support.”

When your child is seriously ill, family life is turned upside down and the smiles, the milestones and the memories become more precious than ever.

Rainbow Trust pairs each family with a dedicated expert Family Support Worker to help them cope and make the most of each new day. With your support, we can be there tomorrow, not just today, for all the families that need us.

If you wish to support Rainbow Trust to celebrate the memory of George Michael, please donate today.

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