Are you planning a celebration?

Are you planning a celebration?

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Date published: 27 April 2017 by Karen Shortland

My little girl has leukaemia. Rainbow Trust has been supporting us for over a year, which has made a huge difference to our everyday lives.

Phoebe has a big brother, Ollie, and so during Phoebe’s treatment it’s difficult for us to make sure Ollie gets quality time with Mum and Dad. My husband, Nathan, had to keep working to pay the bills and we were really struggling to keep family life normal. We were all suffering.

While Phoebe was receiving chemotherapy, Nathan and I were also in the middle of planning our wedding, and we had a difficult time trying to decide whether we should go ahead.

Having our Family Support Worker, Amelia, supporting us, made that decision much easier. She kept me grounded when it all got too much, and with her help, we decided to go ahead with our plans.

Having someone there who you can trust with your children is amazing, I don’t know what we’d do without Amelia now. She’s just brilliant. She takes care of my family, not just Phoebe but Ollie and me as well.

“With help from Rainbow Trust, we had our dream day, and though Phoebe was in some pain from her treatments, we were all able to celebrate together for one wonderful day.”

My perfect wedding was made possible with Rainbow Trust’s support. If you’re planning your Big Day, could you invite friends and family to support Rainbow Trust and give other families the chance to make wonderful memories too?

Visit our celebration giving page to find out how to support families like Aimee’s during your Big Day. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary, we’ll support you all the way.

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