A Whopping success

A Whopping success

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 04 July 2014 by Jessica Homer

On 3 July, Wapping Gardens was full of excitement and adrenaline as runners from all over geared up for the Whopping Rainbow Run.

It was a wonderfully sunny evening, which made it more enjoyable for the spectators; and although it was a bit warm, the runners didn’t mind as they were distracted by the interesting route through Wapping and the many friendly faces cheering them on.

There were a great number of supporters willing to cheer on the participants, including the Komarni cheerleaders, who did a fantastic job leading the warm-up then applauding the runners as they finished the race. We even attracted some younger cheerleaders who were playing in the park and decided to join in on the fun.

We saw a variety of different costumes, including a giant sombrero, tutus, and our very own mascots George, Bungle, and Zippy. There were delicious burgers and cool drinks being served; a great reward for everyone.

This year, there were around 250 participants, who raised over £25,000 for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity - an outstanding accomplishment. A big thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated and volunteered their time!