10 ways to enjoy Father's Day

10 ways to enjoy Father's Day

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Date published: 17 June 2015 by Anna Jackson

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way is there to celebrate than spending quality time with your dad. If you need ideas on things to do here are some fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate as a family.

  • Write a book - create your own ultimate adventure by making your own book. Use pictures or magazine cuttings to bring it to life.
  • Bake your favourite cookies - spend some time in the kitchen and add your favourite ingredients to a special Father’s Day cookie - this recipe comes recommended!
  • Enjoy the outdoors (rain or shine!) - get your flip-flops or wellies on for a wildlife-spotting walk, a trip to the park or a splash in the rain, whatever the weather! The National Trust have loads of Father’s day events taking place across the country. From picnics, to walks and falconry days. Take a look to find an event near you.
  • Make a spaceship - Travel through time and space in your own home or garden based space craft. Scratching your head for ideas? This easy step by step guide should help!
  • Movie Quiz - Its Dad’s turn to do a test. Watch your favourite movie with Dad, then test him on how much he remembers.
  • Turn Dad into a superhero - Dad is already a superhero but what he really needs is an outfit to make it perfect!
  • Create a new game - whether you want to use forfeits, brain power or props from around the house, you make the rules!
Donate £5 to make some else’s Father’s Day extra special rainbowtrust.org.uk/donate.

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