Wear. Share. Donate. Show your colours

​Rainbrows is a way to make a difference by being creative! By transforming your eyebrows into rainbrows and donating £3 by text you can help raise money and awareness for Rainbow Trust. You can share your Rainbrows any time, whether it’s you and your friends having fun at a sleepover, daring your brother or dad to join in, or getting your whole school involved with a Rainbrows Day. Be sure to show us your brows on twitter and instagram by using the hashtag #rainbrows. And don’t forget to tag your friends so you can see their Rainbrow selfies too!

Follow the steps below to get going. It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3, selfie!

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    1. Choose Your Colours

    Stick to colours that will suit your skin tone. If you are naturally fair, bold colours will work well. Darker skins can carry off pastels a

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    2. Apply Your Colours

    Starting at the thickest part of your eyebrow (near your nose) and using light strokes, start to apply your first colour, Build up the colou

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    3. Donate £3 to help families

    Donate to help us support families with a sick child. Remember this isn't just about raising eyebrows, it's about raising money too! Your do

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    4. Time to Take Your SELFIE

    Time to take your selfie! Snap away then share your rainbrows selfie on social media. Be sure to tag your friends and nominate them to do th