Supporting emotions through play

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My brother or sister is really ill and I feel sad, angry and scared!

Having a brother or sister who is very poorly can be very hard for you to deal with. You may feel very sad and sometimes angry. You may even feel guilty for wanting to do your things and miss time with your Mum and Dad. Here’s some tips from our Family Support Workers to help you through this very difficult time.

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    Express your emotions

    It's ok to cry. Express your feeling through painting or write down how you feel in your diary.

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    Play a game

    Play a fun game, dress up, put on face paint, have a nice bubble bath or watch a movie.

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    Talk to other people

    Tell your parent, Family Support Worker, best friend, auntie or uncle you feel sad.

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    Big hugs!

    A big hug can sometimes really help. Ask your parent for a cuddle.

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    Talk to your brother or sister

    Ask how your brother or sister is and what's happening.

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    Say when you are sad

    Tell an adult when you're feeling sad. It's perfectly normal.

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    Make a memory box

    Write a diary of your days together or start to make a memory box

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    Take lots of photos

    Take photos or movie clips of you and your brother or sister being together.

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    Do something fun

    With your parents and sick brother or sister, like drawing!

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