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Our Family Support Workers have found that reading a book together with children can really help with the development of their emotions and understanding.

This is both for siblings of a seriously ill child who has recently died and also for the sick child. Books help adults and children connect, bring security and help explain things in a creative way. Following is a list of books that are recommended by our Family Support Workers.

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    Where Do People Go When They Die, Mindy Avra Portnoy

    The answers to the age old question may be as varied as the individuals asked. Some thoughtful answers are provided in this book. ISBN-13: 9

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    The Invisible String, Patrice Karst

    Feel a great sense of peace and joy realising that we are all connected to the ones that we love... through an invisible string. ISBN-13: 97

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    Sometimes I’m Scared, Jane Annunziata

    This book outlines easy steps kids can use to overcome their everyday fears. ISBN-13: 9781433805509 Publisher: Magination Press- 2009

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    Six Is So Much Less Than Seven, Ronald Himler

    A bittersweet story of loss and love. The story follows a farmer’s day as he remembers and mourns the loss of one of his seven cats. ISBN-13

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    Rudi’s Pond, Eve Bunting

    When a sick boy dies, his friends and classmates remember him by building a schoolyard pond in his memory. ISBN-13: 9780618486045 Publisher:

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    Muddles Puddles and Sunshine, Diana Crossley and Kate Sheppard

    Your Activity Book to Help When Someone's died ISBN – 9781903458969 Publisher: Hawthorn Press Ltd

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    Chester Raccoon and The Acorn Full of Memories, Audrey Penn

    Chester Raccoon’s good friend Skiddel Squirrel has had an accident and will not be returning - ever. Chester is upset that he won’t get to p

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    Everett Anderson’s Goodbye, Lucille Clifton

    A touching portrait of a little boy who is trying to come to grips with his father’s death. SBN-13: 9780805008005 Publisher: Square Fish - 1

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