Midsummer No Ball Ball

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Mary Nightingale and Rob Delaney have great pleasure in not requesting your company at the prestigious Midsummer No Ball Ball.

By not attending this prestigious event and donating to Rainbow Trust, you can make sure that even more seriously ill children and their families get to go out instead.

This June, Rainbow Trust is raising funds to support families and children who have a serious or life limiting illness. ‘Going out’, to the families that we support, means a journey to hospital for life saving treatment, collecting children from school, taking them out to the park or soft play, allowing their parents to have a break from the pressure that comes from having a seriously ill child and it gives the children an opportunity to have fun and share their feelings. Rainbow Trust Family Support Workers, funded by public generosity, make these opportunities happen.

“As a comedian, actor and writer, and someone whose family has benefited significantly from the support of Rainbow Trust, I am thrilled to be helping to raise awareness of this incredible charity and its important work. When we found out that our son, Henry, had a brain tumour Rainbow Trust allocated us an amazing Family Support Worker, Fiona. She was with us as a family through Henry’s treatment, his death and afterwards. Fiona helped us, held us, and took exquisite loving care of our son and his brothers. She was there and would just do what she sensed we needed. We will always be grateful to Rainbow Trust for this support and I want to ensure that they can provide this type of support to anyone else facing the unenviable situation that their child might die before them.”
Rob Delaney
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    Friday 23 June 2023

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    Your own home

Make a donation

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    Donate £15

    £15 could buy a ticket for a day out, to a cinema or bowling, for a sibling of a seriously ill child who just wants to have some fun.

    Donate £15
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    Donate £30

    £30 would pay for an hour’s practical and emotional support for a family caring for a seriously ill child. This could be a trip to the park

    Donate £30
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    Donate £105

    £105 could provide half a day of support to drive a family get to medical appointments and hospitals that they can't drive to or take public

    Donate £105
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    Donate £210

    £210 pays for a day’s visit from a Family Support Worker to help families to cope. This could be taking them to the seaside for the day to h

    Donate £210
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    Donate £4,700

    £4,700 pays for the car costs of a Family Support Worker for a year. Many families have to rely on public transport which can be detrimental

    Donate £4,700

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