Zerina and her family

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Zerina is three years old. When she was just 18 months old she was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer. Sean started supporting the family back in September 2013 and has helped the family in many different ways.

He plays with Zerina at the family home along with her two big brothers, Hazeeq and Aqeel. When Zerina was unable to attend nursery, Sean would sit with her at home and do lots of painting. As well as helping with the children, Sean also provides emotional support for Zerina’s parents. He even helped Robina, mum, build her daughter’s confidence to go to nursery. Because of this help, Zerina is now attending full-time. Sean also takes Hazeeq to a monthly sibling group run by Rainbow Trust. Hazeeq and Aqeel have enjoyed sibling days out with Sean including trips to a climbing centre, the park and a day with an art therapist.