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For today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic…

This year why not make the most of your extra hour by bringing everyone together for an event that the whole family can enjoy with an indoor teddy bear picnic. We understand that the weather is unpredictable at best, especially during Autumn, so why not combine a perfect Summer’s day activity with the comfort of the cosy indoors?

For the most of us the hardest part is getting started but don’t worry, we’ll provide you with all the essentials you need to make your picnic a success. You’ll be able to print bunting, invites, labels and even a colour-in teddy bear to keep the little ones entertained. This is the perfect event for your nursery, pre-school or family so gather your children, and their teddies, and throw a fun-tastic fundraiser.

You can go to town with preparing for your event to make it extra special. Why not add blankets, fairy lights and play indoor games? Ask guests to make a donation towards the day which they can put in this DIY donation box and get the older children to help you count up the money raised! Let them know that they’ve been able to help children like Rowan, whose favourite teddy, Pinky the Bunny, helped her through her treatment.

Paying in your money is really simple, just visit the pay your money in page on our website.

We’d love to hear about your indoor teddy bear picnic so get in touch or share your photos on social media using the hashtag #BigHour

We hope you create memories to treasure!