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Your lunch hour may usually be a relaxing time where you sit back and enjoy doing nothing for a brief blissful moment - it’s time to break the norm!

Work in a busy office? Why not introduce some healthy competition and go head to head in a battle of wit and skill. Schools can also get involved using lunch hour as a chance for students to get moving and raise some money for a great cause. Simply charge an entrance fee into the Olympics and let the games begin!

Fun event ideas include:

  • A three legged race
  • Waste-bin Basketball
  • Egg and Spoon race (or plastic ball and cup race if you don’t want to mess up the office too much!)
  • Most holes you can punch into paper in a minute
  • Most number of press-ups
  • And any more you can think of!

If you’re stuck for ideas on challenges and activities for your Lunch Hour Olympics, don’t panic, sign up to take part and our team will be in contact to help you make the most of your activity.