Online Support at Rainbow Trust

Our Online Support Team at Rainbow Trust can support families who meet our criteria no matter where they live across the UK. Once a referral is received and accepted, a family is paired with a Family Support Worker who will then begin online support.

Play Sessions for Children

Online play sessions are tailored to your child and their siblings around their interests, this enables them to communicate their thoughts and feelings through play. Your Family Support Worker will post out one of our Rainbow Trust online support bags that we use during video calls.

For older children our sessions are planned around their interests and are less play focused.

Emotional Support for the Whole Family

We understand the enormous impact that having a sick child can have, and each member of the family can respond differently. Having an opportunity to build a supportive, empathic relationship with a Family Support Worker can really help to process your feelings, offload stress, and understand how to support each other. Emotional support is available for the family as a whole or as individuals. We can be flexible with each session to fit around your family and individual needs.

Variety of online support groups

We run online support groups to create opportunities for accessible peer support. Your Family Support Worker can give you information on these groups once your support has started.

How we work

Referrals can be made by anyone known to the family with their consent or the family themselves. Referrals can be made via phone or on our website.

We work with families whilst they meet our criteria, and our support is individually planned to meet their needs. Support workers have many families on their caseload and will discuss how frequently they will be able to support you when creating your family plan. Support workers will take your needs into account when discussing this with you.

Rainbow Trust takes the safety of online support very seriously. All Family Support Workers complete the NSPCC Online Safety course and follow our safeguarding policy and procedures.

What our families say

“Video calls with Fiona always help. We leave the calls feeling better than we did at the start. Fiona is someone we can share anything with.”


“I have lots of fun with Charlotte and my favourite thing is we can still play on a video call. We build dens and play Star Wars. Charlotte’s den is at her house and my den is at my house and we talk to each other using Zoom”

Max – 6 years old

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