How your money is spent

At Rainbow Trust, we are committed to ensuring that every £1 donated makes a real difference to the lives of families with a life threatening or terminally ill child. At a time when charities are in the spotlight with regard to how they spend your hard earned cash, Rainbow Trust would like to share with supporters just how your kind donations are spent.

  • How effective are you at fundraising?

    In 2017/18 for every £1 we spent on fundraising, we raised £3.31. This is calculated by dividing our voluntary income by how much it costs us to raise money. As we get very little statutory funding or legacy income, we need to spend money on our fundraising to raise the remaining 97% of our income.

  • How are you governed and regulated?

    Trustees and Directors meet quarterly; regular updates from these meetings are shared with all employees. The Board of Trustees is chaired by Mark Cunningham, Managing Partner of Holbein Partners LLP and consists of eight senior professionals representing the health, business and finance communities. You can see a full list of all our Trustees here. We also have Finance, Audit, Fundraising and Care committees that meet quarterly. Business plan objectives are incorporated into Performance Development Reviews from CEO to Family Support Worker, ensuring the whole organisation is working towards the same goal.

    We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission which monitors, inspects and regulates services to make sure that organisations working in health and social care (charities) meet fundamental standards of quality and safety. Its findings are published and include performance ratings to help people choose care. We are inspected on a regular basis and under the new inspection regime all recent inspections have resulted in a rating of ‘Good’. You can read all our inspection reports here.

    Rainbow Trust is registered with the Charity Commission. We adhere to the Institute of Fundraising Codes of Practice and we will be members of the Fundraising Regulator. We are also audited annually by independent auditors. Their audit ensures that Rainbow Trust’s accounts are a true and fair view of the state of the charity’s affairs. You can see our audited accounts on the Charity Commission’s website

  • How much do you pay your Chief Executive and Directors?

    In 2015/16, four employees earned over £60,000 which is in line with other charities of a similar size providing palliative care. Staff are paid according to industry baselines and on merit of their professional experience. Pay is assessed annually by Trustees and increases are awarded according to performance.

  • How does Rainbow Trust welcome and use volunteer support?

    In 2017/18, 402 volunteers donated 32,730 hours of support. Using the living wage, this equates to an incredible £256,933 of donated time. Our volunteer to staff ratio is more than 4:1. Volunteers are an extremely valuable part of our organisation and without them, we would not have achieved all that we have over the past 30 years. Read more about our amazing volunteers.

  • How will you look after me as a donor?

    We promise to protect our supporters and donors, (read out Supporter Promise) and assure you that we will make it clear and easy for you to choose how you hear from us, including how to opt out from future communications. We will never share your details with other organisations or charities. We will also keep you updated on what we have achieved with your donation so you can see how much we value your support.

  • What are the differences between Rainbow Trust and a children’s hospice?

    Rainbow Trust is a national charity with teams of Family Support Workers around the country. Each family is allocated one Family Support Worker who goes wherever they are needed, helping in any way the family needs, to make life just a little bit easier. Our service encompasses all the non-medical care that is needed to support the child, their parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and other close family members. We are entirely flexible and support can include transport for parents and children to hospital appointments and support in the hospital for all the family.

    Children’s hospices are local or regional charities. They tend to have a purpose-built building and support children and young people with life-shortening conditions and their families through a multi-disciplinary team which includes nursing and medical care. Support can also include specialist services such as short break care, therapies, including physiotherapy, play and music therapy. (Read more from Together for Short Lives)

  • What will my donation do?

    Last year 69 pence of every pound raised was spent on supporting families with a Family Support Worker. Your generous donation will help pay to support families who face immense stress and upheaval as they care for a child who has a life threatening or terminal illness. Your donation will fund a Family Support Worker to provide emotional and practical support to up to 25 families at any one time. This can be in or out of the home and it is focused on enhancing the quality of life for the child and their family, building the ability of the family to manage its stress and to keep communicating through loss and bereavement. Your donation will also help fund drop-in groups for families; groups for the brothers and sisters of sick children; bereavement groups for bereaved parents and remembrance days for families whose child has died. Learn more about how your donation will be spent.

  • How do you know that you are making a difference?

    We regularly survey the families we support on the difference that their Family Support Worker makes to their lives. We also run a National Parents’ Participation Group to gain feedback on services and focus groups with families. We will publish a report on our outcomes annually and you can also read more about our impact in our latest Impact Report here.

  • How cost effective are you?

    In 2017/18 we spent £4.5M and we supported 2,500 families in England. It cost us only £1,720 to support one family for a year. Rainbow Trust provides a service which saves the NHS, local authorities and wider society far more than our services cost since our support can help families to avoid reaching a breaking point. (‘The economic impact of Family Support Teams’, York Health Economics Consortium, 2012)

    For instance, we can:

    • maintain some normality for brothers and sisters whose emotional wellbeing and educational attainment might otherwise suffer
    • make sure parents receive practical and emotional support over many months or years at a highly stressful time in their lives, when one parent is often still holding down a job.
  • How much money do you spend on supporting children and families?

    Last year 69 pence in every pound was spent on our support for families which equated to £4.5M. This is the core of our organisation and we work hard to ensure that our Family Support Workers provide families with the best possible support. The amount we spend directly on support for families is impacted by how much we need to spend to raise money. As we get very little statutory funding, we need to spend money on our fundraising in order to raise the remaining 97% of our income. Many charities reporting a better pence in the pound, get a bigger percentage of their income from statutory sources and therefore don’t need to spend so much money on fundraising.

  • Are your staff paid?

    Our staff are all skilled and specialised in what they do and are paid. Our Family Support Workers have a wealth of experience and come from a number of different backgrounds that adds to their expert knowledge. They all tend to have some experience of working with children.

  • How much funding do you get from the government?

    We receive less than three per cent of our funding from government each year. In comparison, children’s hospices receive an average of 22 per cent from statutory funding sources. Read more in Together for Short Lives new report.

    We rely on the generosity of the public for almost all of our funding.

  • How much is Rainbow Trust’s turnover?

    In 2017/18 our turnover was £4.9M.