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At home and in the community

Rainbow Trust Family Support Workers offer reliable, flexible support that is discussed and agreed with individual family members and tailor-made to offer the support that will be of the most help to the family. Family Support Workers work with families to help them keep their lives as normal as possible and enable them to have time together as a family. This may include:

Practical tasks in the home

Helping with shopping, cooking or ironing to give parents the chance to relax, have a bath or go out for a few hours knowing that these everyday tasks are being done.

Spending time with the sick child

Doing craft activities, reading, or talking with the child about their worries about their illness and treatment as another trusted adult. Sometimes children enjoy spending time with someone who is not a part of their immediate family but who understands some of what they are experiencing.

Spending time with siblings

Giving brothers and sisters individual time to talk, play or go out somewhere and have some fun. Sometimes brothers and sisters don’t want to worry their parents by discussing their fears with them – Rainbow Trust Family Support Workers can help children discuss these fears and identify ways to manage them.

Helping children remain in school

Helping children, both the sick child and brothers and sisters, remain in school by offering transport or collecting children at the end of the school day and helping them with homework or school projects. They can also act as a link between home and school if the sick child is unable to attend but still wants to be a part of school life.

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