Gary Corcoran, 50, from London, decided to take fundraising to a new level, and go that extra mile. Quite literally! He laced his trainers and decided to run not one marathon, but THREE! What made this feat even more special is that he managed to complete this ‘marathon trilogy’ all in the space of one month. Below he shares his story of why raising funds for Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity was so important to him.

“I’ve known of the Rainbow Trust since 2002. I spent a week working in their Leatherhead office in 2010. I got to meet and interview everyone including the Chief Executive all the way through to care workers, and even one of the families. This was the most extraordinary experience. Especially to speak to everyone involved and capture different perspectives as to what Rainbow Trust does. The stories they told and the work that I could see and hear about first-hand just puts Rainbow Trust in a whole new light. This is what made me want to fundraise for them. The work that they do is extraordinary, and it is volunteers most of the time which makes it even more special.

When you speak to families directly and see what a difference it makes to have the support it really shows how important Rainbow Trust are. There was a lady who told me that the first time she had a care worker visit her she could do something as simple as close the toilet door! Something she couldn’t do before as she had to keep an eye on her child 24/7. Sometimes we don’t realise how fortunate we are until our situation changes. But hearing those stories put things into context, and helps highlight how special Rainbow Trust really are.

I did my first marathon for Rainbow Trust back in 2002. That’s when I started getting into running as a fundraising challenge. For this Fundraiser, I wanted to step it up another level. I trained 5 times a week from Christmas day right through to April 24th, to prepare myself for the run. I probably ran around 500km in total. By the time I was finished my final run I was relieved. This is one of the challenges that I felt really self-satisfied. Doing three runs, in three weeks I got a sense of achievement, which I don’t usually get. Call me crazy but I enjoy doing them somehow.

My fundraising target was £4,000, and I just managed to raise over that. I would definitely fundraise again, but I would do something else. In terms of what that will be I don’t know. I’ve already done marathons to death.

My advice to anyone thinking about doing some fundraising for a good cause would be to make sure what you do is a challenge, and not something you’re going to do for fun. If you’re already a marathon runner, don’t do a marathon run for charity. Come out of your comfort zone, make it worth someone’s while to sponsor you to raise money.”