Losing a loved one can be devastating. But there may come a time when you would like to do something in their memory. Everyone is different, but some people want to do something positive in a difficult situation.

Some may find that family and friends wish to show their support in a practical way. Often this can mean fundraising for a good cause which is why we created Forever There Tribute Funds. Money raised in the fund will go towards caring for families with a seriously ill child. Rainbow Trust can only support one our of four families that need us. You can help us make sure that one of Family Support Workers is always there for more families.

Anyone can contribute to a Forever There Tribute Fund in whatever way they wish and there are some ideas for you here. A Forever There Tribute Fund remains open indefinitely or until you choose to close it. Every year we will let you know your fund total and how you have helped families at their time of greatest need.

Some ideas to get your started...

  • fundraising_ideas_inmem_plants image

    Hold a plant or flower sale

    Grow your loved one’s favourite flower or vegetable and sell In to friends and family In Memory. What about wrapping them up in pretty paper

  • fundraising_ideas_inmem_crafty image

    Get crafty

    Nifty with a paint brush, knitting needle, sewing machine or keen jam maker? Offer up your creativity and donate the proceeds In Memory.

  • fundraising_ideas_inmem_clothes image

    Sell clothes and items online

    Make space in your wardrobe and dig out any unwanted clothes and make money for Rainbow Trust on the online marketplace.

Find out more about donating and fundraising in memory