Join Us for 7 Walks for Rainbow Trust!

Are you ready for an incredible journey of compassion and support? We're encouraging people to take seven walks in various locations, such as parks, countryside, and cities, to support Rainbow Trust.

Lace up your walking shoes and join us as we embark on 7 Walks for Rainbow Trust. This charity event is all about spreading joy, creating unforgettable memories, and making a positive impact on the lives of families with young children facing serious illnesses.

Where and When?

You can embark on these walks anytime and anywhere that suits you best. Whether it's a stroll in the park, a trek through the countryside, or a sandy adventure by the beach, every step you take is a step closer to making a difference.

How to get involved

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Sign up now

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Walk ideas

  • Walk in the Park

    Enjoy the laughter of children and the beauty of nature as you take a leisurely walk through the park, supporting Rainbow Trust and spreading hope with every step.

  • Walk in the Countryside

    Breathe in the crisp, fresh air of the countryside as you walk amidst rolling hills and meandering streams, making a difference for families in need by supporting Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk on Sand

    Feel the salty breeze and the softness of sand beneath your feet as you walk on the beach, leaving behind footprints of kindness for Rainbow Trust families.

  • Walk to the Library

    Embark on a literary journey as you walk to your local library, where the magic of books paves the way for brighter futures supported by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk around a Pond

    Embrace the serenity of a pond walk, where nature's beauty mirrors the reflection of hope you create for seriously ill children and their families.

  • Walk up a Hill

    Conquer new heights as you take on a hill, knowing that every step you take contributes to the essential care and support provided by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk with Friends

    Share laughter and camaraderie with friends on your walk, united in purpose to bring joy and support to families in need through Rainbow Trust's support.

  • Walk with a Dog

    Bring your furry friend along for a walk, and let their wagging tail inspire you to make a difference, one step at a time, for Rainbow Trust families.

  • Walk in the Woods

    Lose yourself in the enchanting embrace of the woods, where your walk becomes a journey of hope and healing for those supported by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk in a Country Garden

    Delight in the blossoms and scents of a country garden as you walk with purpose, nurturing dreams and brightening lives through Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk in a City

    Embrace the bustling energy of the city as you walk, weaving threads of compassion and strength for families in need supported by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk and Stop for a Picnic

    Take a moment to savor the scenery and enjoy a picnic during your walk, knowing that your support creates meaningful moments for Rainbow Trust families.

  • Walk to a Friend's House

    Walk with intention to a friend's house, as the connections you cherish become bridges of support and care for families served by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk to Find Wildlife

    Embark on a nature adventure to find wildlife, knowing that your curiosity and exploration are pathways to a brighter future for children facing serious illnesses, with Rainbow Trust by their side.

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