Celebrating Erin's life: help us support more families like Erin's

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Erin was a courageous, fun-loving, caring, and mischievous little girl with a huge heart. Rainbow Trust has supported Erin's family since 2015.

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About Erin

Erin loved singing and dancing, making gifts for people, making her own recipes, as well as watching Dinotrux and Pokémon. She was so clever and absolutely loved Science, Space and DNA! Rainbow Trust Family Support Manager Sarah described her a ‘one of those children that gets away with everything. Her infectious giggle could brighten the darkest of days’.

Erin had multiple long-term life-threatening conditions throughout her life, including heart, kidney and liver disease, vasculitis, and severe Portal Hypertension. She had sepsis many times and had an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack and kill blood cells.

How Rainbow Trust Family Support Manager Sarah supported Erin and her family

Sarah started supporting Erin and her family in 2015 when Erin was 15 months old after a referral by a Community Nurse. Sarah initially helped with hospital transport to and from appointments. Erin’s mum, Helen, says:

“When others cannot and have not been there with us, when we were in very vulnerable situations, Sarah has been there. She has given us both support and friendship.

“She has been present and by my side in awful and traumatic medical consultations where we have received terrible news. She listened and was there for us. You do not want to have to repeat or recount that to anyone, and with Sarah you do not have to as she was there by our side.”
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    Sarah explains how appointments weren’t ever good news, and so she would take Erin off to play during and after, to give mum, Helen, a chanc

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    Erin would often spend long amounts of time in hospital, sometimes weeks and weeks on end – and so Sarah would go and keep her company to al

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    Despite the immense difficulty of her medical needs, and the amount of things she had to experience, Erin never made a fuss – Sarah says you

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Celebrating Erin's life

Erin died in December 2022 aged nine. Erin’s strength and her loving nature will live on through the lives of everyone that she touched.

Please consider donating today to help us support more families like Erin’s.

Please consider donating today to help us support more families like Erin's