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£5 could provide bereavement support to help a family cope with the death of a child.

Walk ideas

  • Walk in the Park

    Enjoy the laughter of children and the beauty of nature as you take a leisurely walk through the park, supporting Rainbow Trust and spreading hope with every step.

  • Walk in the Countryside

    Breathe in the crisp, fresh air of the countryside as you walk amidst rolling hills and meandering streams, making a difference for families in need by supporting Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk around a Pond

    Embrace the serenity of a pond walk, where nature's beauty mirrors the reflection of hope you create for seriously ill children and their families.

  • Walk to the Library

    Embark on a literary journey as you walk to your local library, where the magic of books paves the way for brighter futures supported by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk on Sand

    Feel the salty breeze and the softness of sand beneath your feet as you walk on the beach, leaving behind footprints of kindness for Rainbow Trust families.

  • Walk up a Hill

    Conquer new heights as you take on a hill, knowing that every step you take contributes to the essential care and support provided by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk with Friends

    Share laughter and camaraderie with friends on your walk, united in purpose to bring joy and support to families in need through Rainbow Trust's support.

  • Walk in a Country Garden

    Delight in the blossoms and scents of a country garden as you walk with purpose, nurturing dreams and brightening lives through Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk in the Woods

    Lose yourself in the enchanting embrace of the woods, where your walk becomes a journey of hope and healing for those supported by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk with a Dog

    Bring your furry friend along for a walk, and let their wagging tail inspire you to make a difference, one step at a time, for Rainbow Trust families.

  • Walk to a Friend's House

    Walk with intention to a friend's house, as the connections you cherish become bridges of support and care for families served by Rainbow Trust.

  • Walk to Find Wildlife

    Embark on a nature adventure to find wildlife, knowing that your curiosity and exploration are pathways to a brighter future for children facing serious illnesses, with Rainbow Trust by their side.

  • Walk and Stop for a Picnic

    Take a moment to savor the scenery and enjoy a picnic during your walk, knowing that your support creates meaningful moments for Rainbow Trust families.

  • Walk in a City

    Embrace the bustling energy of the city as you walk, weaving threads of compassion and strength for families in need supported by Rainbow Trust.

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