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Please Note

It is important to provide an active email address and the mobile number you will be taking on the event!

Bike information

If you selected to bring your own bike, please ensure that your bike is in good reliable working order prior to the event. We suggest that you get your bike serviced by a reputable and good quality bike shop. For specialist groupsets/brakes, you should bring tools/spare parts with you on the event (i.e. disc brake pads, hydraulic brake seals). If you are in doubt you should consider hiring a bike.

Leaders and Support Crew will do their utmost to support you on the challenge and to repair any mechanical failures. However, there may be times the support team will not always be at your disposal through the challenge and it is expected that all participants are capable of at least repairing a punctured tyre. The quickest method is to replace the inner-tube and this should be practiced by all participants until confident to manage alone. In the case of serious failure, our team are instructed to recover bikes and participants in order that they are not disconnected from the rest of the riders.

A small levy will be required for any spare parts provided by Adventure Cafe while on the event.

Medical details

Please ensure that you fill in your medical and fitness details accurately and truthfully. It is exceptionally important that you consider your personal fitness and health before agreeing to participate in such a physical challenge. If you have any doubt about your fitness please discuss your concerns with your GP. Please do not agree to participate if you are advised not to undertake the challenge.

We recognize that everyone should have the best opportunity to participate in our challenges, but we must take every possible measure to ensure participant’s safety. Pre-existing medical and health conditions are a potential high risk in these events - hence we must be made aware of them.


A supplementary fee will be charged for single rooms (SRS).

Data protection

We take your privacy seriously and will never sell or share your details. Read our Supporter Promise here.

Use of photography and filming consent

I understand and agree that Invesco Ltd. and/or any of its direct and indirect subsidiaries (collectively, the “Invesco Group”), along with Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity may take photos, videos and/or audio recordings (“Recordings”) throughout the course of this event and that such Recordings could potentially include my picture, image or voice (my “Likeness”). I hereby consent to the use by the Invesco Group and Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity of any such Recordings (including those which may include my Likeness) in connection with any of its promotional activities or materials, irrespective of which form of media or medium such promotional activities or materials may take or be communicated, including any photo album, video clip, electronic pamphlet or email posted on any website or social media platform hosted or maintained by or on behalf of the Invesco Group and Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. If you do not wish to be filmed, recorded or photographed please inform us by email [email protected] prior to the event.

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